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Domo Knowledge Base

Generating a List of Users

Version 3


In the People tab of the Admin Settings, you can generate a CSV file with rows for all of the users in your Domo instance. Each row shows the following information:

  • displayName. The name of a user as entered into the Name field in Admin Settings > People.

  • roleID. A number corresponding to the user's selected security role in the Role menu in Admin Settings > People. (For more information about default security roles, see Default Security Role Reference.) Numbers and their corresponding roles are as follows:

    • 1 = Admin

    • 2 = Privileged

    • 3 = Editor

    • 4 = Participant

    • 5 = Social

  • title. The user's title as entered into the Title field in Admin Settings > People.

  • department. The user's department as entered into the Department field in the Profile page.

  • email. The user's email address as entered into the Email field in Admin Settings > People.

  • alternateEmail. The user's alternate email address as entered into the Alternate email field in Admin Settings > People.

  • phoneNumber. The user's mobile phone number as entered into the Mobile phone field in Admin Settings > People or in the Profile page.

  • deskPhone. The user's desk phone number as entered into the Desk Phone field in the Profile page.

  • employeeNumber. The user's employee number as entered into the Employee # field in Admin Settings > People.

  • location. The user's location as entered into the Location field in the Profile page.

  • timeZone. The user's time zone as selected in the Location menu in the user Settings page.

  • locale. The user's locale.

  • groups. All of the Domo groups the user belongs to, separated by commas.

  • employeeID. The user's employee ID as entered into the Employee ID field in Admin Settings > People.

You can generate a user CSV by clicking the Bulk Export or bulk_export_download_button.png button in Admin Settings > People. The Bulk Export option generates a new file. If you click bulk_export_download_button.png, the previous export will be downloaded. 


You must have an "Admin" default security profile to access bulk export options. For more information about default security roles, see Default Security Role Reference. For information about creating custom roles, see Managing Custom Roles.