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Domo Knowledge Base

Specifying Worklog Settings

Version 11


You can specify settings to prompt users to enter worklogs. You can do this in Admin Settings > Company > Worklog. You can only do this if you have an "Admin" default security role or a custom role with "Manage All Company Settings" enabled. For more information about default security roles, see Default Security Role Reference. For more information about custom roles, see Managing Custom Roles.

When reminders are on, users are prompted to enter a worklog. Worklogs appear in the user profile.

For information about entering a worklog in your profile, see Specifying Your Personal Profile Information

To specify worklog settings,

  1. Click More > Admin.
    The Admin Settings appears.

  2. Select Company > Worklog.

  3. Click Off to toggle on the reminder, then specify the interval (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) for reminding users to enter worklogs.