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Domo Knowledge Base

Managing Access Tokens

Version 11


Access tokens are used to import data in or export data from Domo. If you have an "Admin" default security role or a custom role with either "Manage All Company Settings" or "Manage All Access Tokens" enabled, you can generate access tokens; otherwise, you need to request an access token from your Domo Admin. For more information about default security roles, see Default Security Role Reference. For more information about custom roles, see Managing Custom Roles.

Important: Access tokens are associated with specific user accounts and have the same access as the user. If the user's permissions change, the access token reflects that. Users should not share their access tokens with others.

To generate an access token,

  1. Click More > Admin.

  2. Select Security > Access Tokens.

  3. In the Manage Access Tokens pane, click Generate Access Token.

  4. Specify the token information:

    1. In the Access token description field, enter a name for the token.

    2. In the Search users field, select the user the token is for.

      Important: The access token is associated with a specific user account. Users should not share the access token with others.
    3. In the Expire after menu, select the number in days before the token expires.

    4. Click Generate.

  5. Copy the access token, pasting it where you can use it later.
    You cannot see the token after you leave the Access Tokens screen.

To revoke an access token,

  1. Click More Admin Settings.
    The Admin Settings appears.

  2. Select Security > Access Tokens.

  3. In the Manage Access Tokens pane, locate the access token by name and user, then click the associated Revoke link.