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Connecting to Clicktale Data in Domo

Version 9



You can pull Clicktale data into Domo as CSV data using our CSV-SFTP connector. Once you have created a Clicktale DataSet, you can use Beast Mode to add Replay links to your Clicktale cards. This article explains how to perform both of these tasks.


To pull Clicktale data into Domo, you will need SFTP credentials (which should be provided to you by Clicktale). These credentials consist of the following:

  • An SFTP hostname

  • The SFTP username and password

Importing Clicktale Data into Domo

To import your Clicktale data into Domo, you must connect to Clicktale's SFTP server using credentials provided to you by Clicktale.

To import Clicktale data into Domo,

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Select add_to_domo_icon.png > Data > File.

    • Select Data in the toolbar at the top of the screen, then click File in the Connect Data area.

    • Select Appstore in the toolbar at the top of the screen, click the Connectors tab, then search for "CSV-SFTP."

  2. Click the "CSV-SFTP" tile.

  3. Click Get the Data.

  4. In the Credentials pane, enter your SFTP credentials as provided by Clicktale, then click Connect.

  5. In the Details pane, set the desired options for your CSV file. 
    For more information about the available options, see CSV-SFTP Connector.

  6. In the Scheduling pane, set the DataSet to update every day, and set Update to Append.

  7. In the Name & Describe Your DataSet pane, enter a name and description for the DataSet.

  8. Click Save.

Your Clicktale data is now imported into Domo as a CSV DataSet.

Adding Replay Links to Your Card

Once your Clicktale data is available in Domo, you can use it to build table cards containing Replay links. These links allow users to gain incredible insights from your data. 

To build a table with Replay links from your Clicktale data,

  1. In the details view for the DataSet, click the Cards tab then click Add Card.

  2. In the Analyzer, build your table as described in Table.

  3. Add a Beast Mode calculation with the following formula:

    CONCAT('<div><a href="',`ProjectID`,'&UID=',`UID`,'&SID=',`SID`,'" target="_blank">','Click To Replay','</a></div>')


  4.  Use the Beast Mode calculation to add a new table column with Clicktale Replay links. 


    For more information about Beast Mode, see Transforming Data Using Beast Mode.