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Data Science Home Page

Version 3



The Data Science Home Page shows all of the powerful data science tools, all in one place. It gives you quick access to the data science tools, outlines the products and services, and outlines where the tools fit into the data science maturity journey.

Accessing the Data Science Home Page

To access the Data Science Home Page, click on the More menu in the top navigation pane and select the Data Science icon.

More Icon.png        Data Science Icon.png

Prepare & Discover tab

This allows you to clean up your data and discover insights. The first step to a solid Data Science strategy is aligning your data to your organization's needs. These tools can help as you clean, prepare, and explore your data, identifying new correlations and relationships that you can leverage in the next phase.

Tab 1.png

Experiment & Predict tab

This allows you to develop models of what drives data. With your data in Domo you can run experiments to understand what drives change in your data. These tools help you develop models that predict results with greater efficiency or classify with increased accuracy.

Tab 2.png

Deploy & Distribute tab

This allows you to gain actionable insights into people and systems. Turn your experiments, models, and insights into action. In record time you can build rich stories, powerful apps, and intelligent alerts that are Machine Learning powered and always up to date or extend Data Science outside of your company with embedded analysis for customers and partners.

Tab 3.png

Search All Tools tab

This allows you to see all of the capabilities in one place. You can search for a specific tool or see all tools under a specific use case, such as Hygiene, Insights, etc.

Search Tab.png