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Domo Knowledge Base

Installing Salesforce's Domo Connector Package

Version 6


The "Domo Connector Package" found in Salesforce AppExchange allows Salesforce users to import their data into Domo. Follow the instructions in this article to download and install the Connector Package from the AppExchange.

Note: If the Managed Package is installed successfully, old and new Salesforce DataSets will work with no changes needed.

To install Domo's Salesforce Managed Package,

  1. Log into Salesforce.

  2. Navigate to the Salesforce AppExchange at and search for "Domo Connector Package," then click on it. 


    Alternatively, you can go directly to

  3. Click Get It Now.


  4. Choose whether you want to install in a production environment or sandbox.


  5. Check the box reading "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions."

  6. Click Confirm and Install.  


  7. Click the Install for All Users tile.


For more details, see Salesforce's documentation at

Verifying your Installation

Use Domo's Salesforce Managed Package Validator to verify that your Salesforce Managed Package has been installed correctly.

To verify your installation,

  1. In the Connectors page in either the Data Center or Appstore in Domo, search for "Salesforce Managed Package" and double-click on on the icon.


  2. Click Get the Data.


  3. Under Credentials, select your Salesforce account name, then click Next.


  4. Under Details, click Next.


  5. In the Update menu, select Manually, then click Next.


  6. Give your DataSet a name, then click Save.


The DataSet now runs. If everything has been set up correctly, the run will be successful, and a message will appear reading, "Validation Success: You have set up your Salesforce Managed Package correctly." 


If everything has not been set up correctly, the DataSet fails, and a message appears reading, "You have not installed Salesforce's Domo Connector Package," with a help link to this article.