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Domo Knowledge Base

Backing Up Workbench 4 Jobs

Version 6


Backing up DataSet jobs is an often overlooked task when using Workbench. You may be wondering why jobs need to be backed up if they’re stored in the Domo cloud. Accidents can happen. Jobs can be accidentally deleted by Workbench users, which will also permanently delete them from the cloud. Further, if the account is accidentally removed from Workbench, all jobs are deleted from the cloud. Exporting your jobs ensures you have a fallback option in the event of a problem.

Your exported job files should be stored somewhere safe, as they can contain secure information including API keys, queries, database and/or filenames, etc. Treat them the same as you would passwords or financial information.

To back up jobs in Workbench 4,

  1. Open Workbench 4.

  2. Starting at the bottom and working your way to the top, do the following for each job:

    1. Right-click the job name and select Export DataSet job.

    2. Give the exported job file a name.

    3. Choose a location to save it in.

You should make a new backup for a job each time a change is made to that job.