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Domo Knowledge Base

Creating a Schedule Group in Workbench 4

Version 10


You can create groups of DataSet jobs that run on the same schedule. Unlike scheduling for an individual DataSet job, which is done from within Workbench and provides few options, scheduling for a DataSet job group is done in Windows Task Scheduler (after you create the group in Workbench), so advanced options are available. You can also make edits to your groups from within Workbench.

For information about basic scheduling, see Scheduling a Job in Workbench 4.

To create a schedule group,

  1. Click Tools > Schedule in the Buttons toolbar at the top of the Workbench window.

  2. Select New Scheduled Group then click Next.

  3. Enter a name for your group in the Group Name field.

  4. Enter your Windows credentials in the required fields, then click Next.

  5. Check the boxes for all of the DataSet jobs you want in this group, then click Next.
    This creates a group with default schedule settings.

  6. (Conditional) To configure advanced settings in Windows Task Scheduler, click Modify Schedule, then continue on to the next step. Otherwise click Finish.
    When you click Modify Schedule, Windows Task Scheduler opens automatically so you can complete the scheduling process.

  7. In Task Scheduler Library, click DomoV4.


  8. In the pane in the top center of the screen, double-click the DataSet job you want to schedule.

  9. Click the Triggers tab.

  10. Select the default trigger then click Edit.

  11. Set up the scheduling for the group in the Edit Trigger dialog.

    For more information about the options in this dialog, see Windows' help documentation.