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Setting the Time Zone for a Workbench 4 Job

Version 4


You can set the time zone for a DataSet Job in Workbench. When the job is sent to Domo, all of the date-time data is based on the time zone you selected.

American Daylight Savings is taken into account for time zones in Workbench.

You apply a time zone to a DataSet using the Shift Date Timezone Transform.

To set the time zone for a DataSet job,

  1. In the Accounts pane, select the DataSet job in which you want to set the time zone.

  2. In the Transforms grouping in the Buttons toolbar at the top of the Workbench window, click Add New.

  3. In the Transform Type menu, select Shift Date Timezone then click Next.

  4. Click Finish.

    A Shift Date Timezone item is added under Transforms for this DataSet job.

  5. Click on the new Shift Date Timezone item under Transforms.

  6. In the Data Timezone menu, select the desired time zone.

  7. Click Save in the DataSet Jobs grouping in the Buttons toolbar at the top of the Workbench window.