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Workbench 5 Overview

Version 13


What can Workbench 5 do for you?

  • Securely upload DataSets to Domo using helpful interface components

  • Upload data manually or on a schedule

  • Create groups of DataSet jobs that run on the same schedule

  • Import and export job files

  • Preview and validate jobs before you run them

  • Add, create, save, and delete accounts

  • Add, create, save, delete, open, preview, and cancel jobs

  • Revert back to a previous version of a job you saved

  • Add/delete transforms to/from jobs, which includes the following:

    • Add new columns

    • Change date format

    • Encrypt sensitive data in specific columns

    • Filter columns in the DataSet

    • Set the time zone for the DataSet job

    • Replace column values in the DataSet

    • Combine the DataSet with another DataSet

  • Export/import Excel, CSV, QuickBooks, OLAP, ODBC, JSON, and XML file types

  • View logs

  • Send logs as a zip file

  • Run logs from the command line

  • Add and manage plugins for using Workbench

  • Set up notifications for DataSet jobs that can email you if DataSets are uploaded successfully or if it experiences an error

  • Uploads up to 50 million rows for a single job

To read a white paper about making your Workbench data more secure in Domo by means of encryption, click here: Whitepaper_Domo+Data+Security+and+Encryption+Draft.pdf

Video - Workbench 5 Overview