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Domo Knowledge Base

Adding an Account in Workbench 5

Version 10


When you first install Workbench 5 on your machine, you connect to a Domo server as part of the installation process. This server account becomes your primary account in Workbench 5, and any DataSet jobs you create are included in this account. However, you can add accounts for other Domo servers to your Workbench if you want.

If you have not yet added any accounts in Workbench, the following dialog appears when you open the application:


As soon as you add your first account, this dialog no longer appears when you open Workbench.

Video - Create an Account and Add a Job


To add an account in Workbench 5,

  1. Click the wb5_accounts_icon.png icon in the left-hand icon bar. 

  2. Click the "+" icon that appears above the list of accounts on the left. (If you do not see this icon, click wb5_hide_subtab_icon.png to expand the account listing pane.)

  3. In the Domo Domain field, enter the domain for the Domo server you want to connect to. 

  4. Click Authorize.

  5. Enter your username and password for connecting to the Domo server, then click Sign In.

  6. Close the browser window when prompted.

  7. Click the wb5_save_icon.pngicon to save your new account.

Your new account is now active and ready for DataSet Jobs to be added.