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Domo Knowledge Base

Stopping and Restarting Workbench Jobs

Version 5


There are a number of reasons one may want to stop Workbench jobs. It may be that you encounter a long running query, or a job may be stuck in an error state. Stuck jobs can also back up the queue and lead to the message “Already in queue for execution.” This article will not cover the reasons jobs get stuck, but how to clear the issue and allow other jobs to run.

To restart your Workbench jobs,

  1. Click the Start button and type “services."

  2. In Services, locate "Domo Workbench."

  3. Right-click on "Domo Workbench" and select Restart.

This ends all running Workbench jobs and clears any job that may be queued. Note that jobs will not run again until they are manually executed or scheduled to run again. For example, if you have a job running on a 15-minute schedule, when you restart this service your job will be executed after 15 minutes pass.