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Setting the Time Zone for a Workbench 5 Job

Version 5


You can set the time zone for a DataSet Job in Workbench. When the job is sent to Domo, all of the date-time data is based on the time zone you selected.

American Daylight Savings is taken into account for time zones in Workbench.

You apply a time zone to a DataSet using the Shift Date Timezone Transform.


To set the time zone for a DataSet job,

  1. In Workbench, click wb5_jobs_icon.png in the left-hand icon bar.

  2. In the Jobs listing, double-click the DataSet job with columns you want to filter.

  3. Click Transforms to expand that section of the pane.

  4. In the Add a transform menu, select Filter Transform.

  5. Click the wb5_add_transform_icon.png button.
    The Filter Transform Editor appears.

  6. In the Data Timezone menu, select the desired time zone.

  7. Click Apply.

  8. Click wb5_save_icon.png at the top of the pane to save your transform.