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Temporary Workbench Release Notes Page (BETA)

Version 2


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What's New in Workbench 4.6

Workbench 4.6 is here to facilitate the management of a large number of jobs like never before.

List View

Rather than having static cards with job information in Workbench, DataSet jobs are now organized in a list view. This view is filterable and sortable, allowing you to quickly and easily find the jobs that require your attention. You can then double-click and be taken directly to that job.

Status Panel

Get easily digestible insights into job statuses and forget worrying about losing edits to a job when that job kicks off to run. Now, rest assured that if a job is scheduled to run while edits are being made the job will pause and re-run once you finish making your changes.

Workbench Release Notes

Always be in the know of what's cool and new in Workbench with new splash screens that appear with every new release.

Proxy Settings

Customers can now create their connection to Domo using proxy settings, available during account creation in Workbench, to avoid requiring authentication bypass.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes in Workbench 4.6

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Source display to not scroll which didn't allow users to access some settings.

  • The Watched File schedule option will now start immediately following configuration.

  • Decreased communication timeout between Workbench and Domo.

  • For security purposes we strictly allow TLS 1.2 support for communications between Workbench and Domo.

  • Fixed a fatal exception for an FTP job when a user clicked on "Apply Changes" with all fields blank.