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Migration from WSSE authentication to OAuth in the Adobe Analytics Connectors

Version 5


Migration from WSSE authentication to OAuth in the Adobe Analytics Connectors

What is happening?

Adobe Analytics has deprecated the use of the WSSE authentication method in its APIs in favor of OAuth. The WSSE authentication mechanism will be retired by Adobe Analytics in April 2021.

What is the impact of this change?

WSSE authentication was used to access Adobe Analytics API v1.4. Domo has updated all Adobe Analytics connectors that use that API version to require OAuth credentials when creating new datasets. Existing datasets using WSSE authentication are still running, but need to be updated to use OAuth instead of WSSE to continue running without interruption.

Note: The Adobe Analytics Connectors are not being retired or deprecated, and functionality of the Connectors has NOT changed.

How do I know if my datasets will be affected?

To determine if an Adobe Analytics dataset will be affected, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Adobe Analytics dataset in the Data Center.
  2. Click on Settings >> Credentials to see which Account is being used.
  3. If the credentials say "Adobe Analytics Account," then the dataset uses WSSE authentication and needs to be updated to use OAuth. If the account name begins with or is "Adobe Analytics OAuth," then the dataset is already using OAuth and no update is needed. If you still aren't sure, select Add Account from the dropdown to create a new Account for this dataset. If the required credentials are Username:Company and Secret, then the dataset is using  WSSE authentication and will need to be updated. If the credentials are Client ID and Client Secret, then the dataset is not using WSSE and is not impacted.

What do I need to do?

If you no longer need your Adobe Analytics datasets to update, you do not need to take any action.

If you need to continue updating your Adobe Analytics datasets, you will need to do the following to keep the datasets running uninterrupted:

  1. Identify any datasets that are affected. If you are not sure how to do that based on the description above, please contact Domo Support.
  2. Create a Support ticket and request these datasets be updated to use OAuth.
  3. After the migration, create a new Adobe Analytics OAuth Account and associate it with the appropriate datasets. Refer to the Associating a newly created Adobe Analytics OAuth account with the existing DataSet section for details.
Note: OAuth uses a client id and secret that are not the same as the WSSE authentication tokens.

How do I create a new OAuth project in the Adobe Developer Console?

Creating a new OAuth project in the Adobe Developer Console
  1. Log into
  2. Click Create new project button.
  3. Click on Add API to start using the Adobe services.


4. The APIs available to you will be listed in the Add an API window. Select Adobe Analytics.

Add an API.png

5. Now, you need to select the authentication type. Select OAuth here.


6. Select Web platform to configure the API. Enter the redirect URI as -


7. Click Save configured API.

How do I create a new Adobe Analytics OAuth Account?

To add an Adobe Analytics OAuth account to Domo from the Accounts view:

  1. Navigate to the Accounts section of the Data Center by clicking on the Accounts icon in the left-hand pane in the Data Center.


2. In Accounts, click Add Account


3. Select the desired Adobe Analytics connector.


4. The Log in window for Adobe Analytics will appear. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret for Adobe Analytics, and click Connect.


5. An entry for the new Adobe Analytics OAuth account will appear in the Accounts view listing.

To add an Adobe Analytics OAuth account to Domo by adding a DataSet and entering new account information:

As you add the Adobe Analytics OAuth account through the connector, an entry for the new account appears automatically in the Accounts view. While creating a new account, you need to enter the client ID and client secret obtained from the Adobe Developer Console.  To obtain client credentials for an app that accesses services on behalf of an end-user, you'll need to create an OAuth connection using the Adobe Developer Console. Refer to the Creating a new OAuth project in the Adobe Developer Console section to learn how to create a new OAuth project.

OAuth connection workflow

  1. Create a project in Adobe Developer Console
  2. Add an API to your project using OAuth authentication and authorization

After I enter the Client ID and Secret, and click Create Account, the OAuth popup window that comes up is blank, or the Create Account process never finishes. What should I check?

Make sure that you followed the instructions to create a new Adobe Analytics OAuth project in the Adobe Developer Console, and the Client ID and Client Secret you enter are the same ones that you got during that process.

How do I associate the Adobe Analytics OAuth Account with an existing dataset?

Associating a newly created Adobe Analytics OAuth account with the existing DataSet:

  1. Visit the DataSets page in the Data Center. 


2. Locate your existing DataSet that you want to associate with a new OAuth account.


3. The DataSet details will appear.


4. Click Settings tab. You will be redirected to the Connector's Credentials section.


5. Here, you can select your new OAuth account if it's already created, or you can create a new OAuth account to associate with your selected DataSet. 

6. Click Save.


Do I need to migrate to OAuth right away?

You can migrate to OAuth anytime after January 15th 2021.

How long does it take to migrate datasets?

It usually takes one business day to migrate datasets.

Will my datasets continue to run during the migration? Will my cards and data flows I have built on these datasets continue to run?

Yes, they will continue to run while they are being migrated. Once they have been migrated to OAuth, they will stop running until they are associated with the new OAuth Account.

Will the update to OAuth change the functionality of the connector?

No, the update will neither add nor remove functionality of the Connector.

Can’t Domo update the Account for me on all my datasets?

Unfortunately, that is not possible.

What if I don’t migrate my datasets?

If your datasets still require WSSE authentication by the time WSSE is retired, they will stop being able to authenticate to Adobe.

I need to use v1.4 of the Adobe Analytics API. If I migrate my dataset to use OAuth, will the dataset now use v2.0 of the Adobe Analytics API?

No, your dataset will continue to use v1.4 of the Adobe Analytics API. This migration only updates the authentication mechanism from WSSE to OAuth and does not change the version of API the dataset is using. No reports or schedule settings will be changed if a dataset is migrated from WSSE authentication to OAuth.