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Adobe Sign Connector

Version 19


Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that allows the user to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using a browser or mobile device. It is part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite of services. Use the Domo Adobe Sign connector to retrieve data that matters to you. For more information about the Adobe Sign API, see

This topic discusses the fields and menus that are specific to the Google Ads OAuth connector user interface. For general information about adding DataSets, setting update schedules, and editing DataSet information, see Adding a DataSet Using a Data Connector.


To connect to your Adobe Sign data using this connector, you must have your Adobe Sign credentials (email address and password).

Connecting to Your Adobe Sign Account

This section enumerates the options in the Credentials and Details panes in the Adobe Sign Connector page. The components of the other panes in this page, Scheduling and Name & Describe Your DataSet, are universal across most connector types and are discussed in greater length in Adding a DataSet Using a Data Connector.

Credentials Pane

The Domo Adobe Sign connector uses OAuth to connect to Adobe Sign. Click Connect (or select Add Account if you have existing Adobe Sign accounts in Domo) to open the Adobe Sign OAuth screen where you can select the account you want to connect to. After selecting an account, specify the password for that account. After you have entered a valid password, you can use the same account in Domo any time you create a Adobe Sign DataSet. You can manage connector accounts in the Accounts tab in the Data Center. For more information about this tab, see Managing User Accounts for Connectors.

Note: If you are already logged into Adobe Sign when you connect in Domo, you are authenticated automatically when you click Add account. If you want to connect to an account that is different from the one you are logged into, you must first log out of the currently active Adobe Sign account.

Details Pane

This pane contains a number of fields and menus you can use to configure your report.




Select the Adobe Sign report type to run. The following reports are available:

Agreements Retrieves agreements for the user.
Groups Retrieve detailed information about the groups.
Library Documents Retrieves library documents for a user
Mega Signs Get all the Mega Sign parent agreements of a user.
Users Gets all the users in an account.
Widgets Retrieves widgets for a user.
Workflows Retrieves workflows for a user.
Filter Select the report filter.
Skip Failed Agreements When this option is checked, if Adobe Sign fails to return details for an Agreement, it will be excluded from the dataset and Domo will continue processing instead of failing the entire dataset run. This may result in missing data.

Other Panes

For information about the remaining sections of the connector interface, including how to configure scheduling, retry, and update options, see Adding a DataSet Using a Data Connector.


What version of the Adobe Sign API does this connector use?

This connector uses v5 of the Adobe Sign API (

Which endpoint(s) does each report call in this connector?
Report Name Filters Endpoint URL(s)
Agreements Agreements Detail /agreements/{agreementId}
Combined Document Pages Info /agreements/{agreementId}/combinedDocument/pagesInfo
Combined Document URL /agreements/{agreementId}/combinedDocument/url
Document URL Images /agreements/{agreementId}/documents/imageUrls
Documents /agreements/{agreementId}/documents
List Agreements /agreements
Groups Group Detail /groups/{groupId}
List Groups /groups
Users /groups/{groupId}/users
Library Documents Library Documents Detail /libraryDocuments/{libraryDocumentId}
List Library Documents /libraryDocuments
Mega Signs Agreements /megaSigns/{megaSignId}/agreements
List MegaSigns /megaSigns
MegaSigns Detail /megaSigns/{megaSignId}
Users List Users /users
Users Detail /users/{userId}
Widgets Agreements /widgets/{widgetId}/agreements
Documents /widgets/{widgetId}/documents
List Widgets /widgets
Widget Detail /widgets/{widgetId}
Workflows List Workflows /workflows
Workflows Detail /workflows/{workflowId}
What kind of credentials do I need to power up this connector?

You need the email address and password associated with your Adobe Sign account.

How do I know my login credentials are secure?

The login process uses the OAuth process, so your Adobe Sign credentials are never seen or stored by Domo. This keeps your login secure. You can revoke Domo's access to your Adobe Sign account at any time.

How often can the data be updated?

As often as needed.

Are there any API limits that I need to be aware of?