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Domo Knowledge Base

Google AdWords Connector

Version 14


Hello! Unfortunately this connector is not currently running, due to recent restrictions in the Google AdWords ToS. But don't worry—all of your existing DataSets built using this connector will continue to run. In the meantime, our development team is working to come up with a feasible long-term solution. Until that happens, we suggest using the following alternative connectors to get your AdWords data into Domo: 

Google AdWords via Google BigQuery Connector. This is the most highly recommended alternative solution for bringing AdWords data into Domo. To use this connector, you first configure a BigQuery script in AdWords. After you have configured the script, you should be able to use this connector to pull in your AdWords data just as you would any other connector. 

Google BigQuery Connector. We highly recommend BigQuery as an alternative solution. Be aware that you will need to work with your Google representative to make the necessary connections between AdWords and BigQuery. Once you set that up, however, it's simple to bring AdWords data into Domo using the BigQuery connector.

Google Sheets. You can use Google Sheets to pull AdWords data into Domo by setting up an automated process that will import updated AdWords data into Domo each morning. This process can be rather time-consuming but we provide step-by-step instructions to help you get it done. This is probably the best option if BigQuery does not work for you.

You can also try the following options, but be aware these have not been tested much at Domo for importing AdWords data:

Good luck!