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NOAA Weather Alerts Connector

Version 22



You can use Domo's NOAA Weather Alerts connector to retrieve weather alerts for any U.S. state or territory from the public National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data.

You create an NOAA Weather Alerts DataSet in the Data Center. This topic discusses the fields and menus that are specific to the NOAA Weather Alerts connector user interface. General information for adding DataSets, setting update schedules, and editing DataSet information is discussed in Adding a DataSet Using a Data Connector.

The NOAA Weather Alerts connector is a "Cloud App" connector, meaning it retrieves data stored in the cloud. In the Data Center, you can access the connector page for this and other Cloud App connectors by clicking Cloud App in the toolbar at the top of the window.

Primary Use Cases

This connector is useful for getting severe weather alerts when planning outside events.

Primary Company Roles

  • HR roles, especially those involved in event planning

  • Anyone interested in getting weather alerts

Average Implementation Time

Less than 1 minute

Ease of Use (on a 1-to-10 scale with 1 being easiest)


Best Practices

This is an extremely simply connector to implement. All you do is select a state or region and you're done.

Other Panes

For information about the remaining sections of the connector interface, including how to configure scheduling, retry, and update options, see Adding a DataSet Using a Data Connector.

Creating an NOAA DataSet

To create an NOAA Weather Alerts DataSet, simply select the state or territory you wish to retrieve alerts for in the State Name menu in the Details pane. Then schedule updates and name and describe your new DataSet in the Scheduling and Name & Describe Your DataSet panes. These panes are universal across most connector types and are discussed in greater length in Adding a DataSet Using a Data Connector.


Reach out to DomoSupport if you experience issues with this connector. Because no credentials are needed, any issues that arise are likely be internal Domo issues or problems with the NOAA API.