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Domo Knowledge Base

Viewing Cards for Data Providers

Version 13


You can dynamically view the integrated cards and DataSets for a specific connector or data provider from within Domo, based on your access to cards and DataSets. You can also "launch" or go to the data provider system from Domo.

When you mouse over an app card, the app card flips over, displaying links and information about the number of DataSets, number of cards, and the third-party application or site. You can click the links to view the DataSets (filtered by this type), view the cards dynamically, or visit the data provider.




Number of DataSets

Indicates the number of DataSets using this data provider, based on your access. Click the link to view a list of the DataSets for this data provider.

Number of cards

Indicates the number of cards powered up by this data connector type, based on your access. Click the link to view the cards powered by this data connector type.

Visit app name

Lets you "launch" or go the system or Web site of the third-party application. (You are not automatically authenticated to the third-party system.)


Tip: In the Data Center page, you can add a DataSet and create an account for accessing data in a third-party application.

To display the Launcher page,

  1. Click More > Launcher.

  2. Mouse over the app card you want, then view the counts or click the links to view the DataSets, cards, or launch to the third-party system.