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Public Domo App Assets

Version 5


With Public Domo App Assets, you now have the ability to share assets like pictures or javascript code between your custom Domo app and your public website. You also have the option to build your public website directly on Domo instead of having to find another hosting provider.

Simply publish an index.html file as a public asset and you will then have a public-facing website for your Domo app. Creating public assets is as simple as adding a new folder to your custom Domo app project called "public-assets". Any file that exists within the "public-assets" folder, when published up to your Domo instance and instantiated as a card, will now be available to the public. The URL for your public asset will be the same URL that you find as the `src` for the iframe that hosts your Domo app as a card in your instance.

For more information on the Public Domo App Assets, see

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