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June 2016 Connector Release Notes

Version 5


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Adobe Analytics

Improved error handling. Enhanced the parser to handle Fallout Pathing reports. Fixed an issue that was preventing discovery lists to display correctly when they contained a colon.

Amazon Redshift

Reverted a change that was importing booleans as True and False instead of t and f. Boolean values are now importing as t and f. Improved the error messaging in cases where Domo is unable to get the certificate.

Bing Ads

Made necessary changes to support v10 of the Bing Ads API Reporting Services. Also improved error messages.


Enhanced the connector to support the import of older versions (Excel 5.0/95) of Excel workbooks.


Improved error messages.


Added the ability to import dates formatted in YYYY/MM/DD.


Improved error messages.


Improved error messages.


Improved error messages.


Added a new report for Page Post Video Daily Metrics which allows customers to import video views per video per day.


Improved error messages.

Google Analytics

Fixed an issue where the Conversion Date in the Custom MCF report was imported as a string instead of a date.


Added ability to append data in Contacts Lists with Contacts report.


Removed Users Feed report, no longer supported by Instagram API. Also improved error messaging.


Improved error messages.


Fixed an issue that was displaying a "fatal exception during initialization" message in some cases.


Upgraded the connector to use Lithium API v2.

Marketo REST

Improved error messages; Added a new report, "Leads' Activities for Historical Data (append only), to allow customers to retrieve historical data without running into timeout or API quota issues.


Enhanced connector to allow use of unicode (UTF-8) character set in queries.


Enhanced the connector to include a Visitor Page View report. Enhanced connector to allow either relative or specific dates to be selected. Enhanced the Prospect report so that records can be selected based on creation date, update date, or date of last activity. Fixed an issue with the Opportunity report that was causing imports to fail. Fixed an issue that occured when a column name was null. Improved how the connector handles column aliases. Improved error handling to account for a situation when Pardot did not return visitors in the Visit Report for the selected period.

Postgres SQL

Upgraded the postgreSQL library to fix an issue where column names were not displaying in the discovery box when creating a new dataset. Modified the connector so that when a currency column is encountered during an import two columns are created. The first is the original value with type of STRING and the second is a numeric version of the value with type DOUBLE. The second column will be named <original_column_name>_curr.


Upgraded connector to retrieve data from 360 Surveys.


Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect column headers on import.


Added the following new reports to the connector: Conversion Cloud, Number of Posts, Media Type, Insights Data, and Topic Trends.


Fixed an issue where the import never finished when using the single sheet report.


Enhanced connector to better handle times when the connector runs in to API limits.

Twitter Ads

Updated connector to accommodate additional segmentation options in new analytics reports. Improved messaging when no data is returned from Twitter. Updated connector to support changes in Twitter API, asynchronous calls return up to 90 days of data when it is non-segmented or 45 days when it is segmented. Changed the connector to retrieve all promoted tweets, included deleted ones, previously it only retrieved promoted tweets that had not been deleted.


Improved error handling.


Improvements for customers attempting to retrieve data from a large number of accounts.