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May 2016 Connector Release Notes

Version 4


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Enhanced the connector so that it validates the user's credentials before processing a file download.


Improved error messaging.


Fixed an issue that was caused when some column headers in the file are empty or have duplicate names.


Added legacy columns to the Page Insights and Page Post Insights reports.  Added RowID to the Page Posts report.  Improved error handling when unexpected information is received from Facebook.

Google Analytics

Updated the connector due to account for Google changing the name of All Sessions to All Users. There is a migrator available if customers want help changing this segment. 


Improved the retry logic when the connector encounters a "Failed to execute import successfull."


Fixed an issue where only the first 10 company pages were available in the connector for LinkedIn accounts that administer more than 10 company pages.

Microsoft SQL Server

Fixed an issue that was causing imports to fail when a column header was empty. 


Improved the documentation so customers know that SSL is required for this connector.

New Relic

Improved the documentation to reflect changes in New Relic product.


Improved error messaging when import times out.


Enhanced the connector to handle situations where Qualtrics returns an empty response.

QuickBooks Online

Improved error messaging.

Rally Software

Security improvements.

Enhanced connector to improve performance when waiting for possible reports to display.  Added the ability to select a date range using a WHERE statement when setting up a query through discovery.

Salesforce ExactTarget

Updated how the List Send Report works to prevent timeouts.

Salesforce Pardot

Improved error handling.

Salesforce Radian6

Enhanced the connector to show valid subscription windows for the Insights report.


Enhanced connector to handle cases where Shopify was sending columns with duplicate names.


Improved error handling and error messaging.


Improved error handling.

Twitter Ads

Added a new report that includes funding instruments with the associated campaigns and line items.


Improved retry logic to prevent errors.


Improved error handling when an issue with Zuora is encountered.