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Specifying Your Personal Profile Information

Version 15


In your Profile page, you can specify much of the personal information that appears in the profile header. The information you can specify here includes your name, position, department, landline number, cell number, company location, and tenure. Your employee number also appears here if one has been specified in the Admin Settings; however, you cannot edit it in this screen. You can only edit it in the People tab in the Admin Settings. For more information, see Changing User Information. Your email address does not appear here; however, if you click the  icon in a user's Profile page, your email client opens with the user's email address automatically entered in the To field.

If you have an "Admin" default security role or a custom role with "Edit Users" enabled, you can specify or edit any other user's personal information in their personal Profile page. For example, if a user has just started at your company and you want to get them set up quickly, you could create a Profile page for them and populate it with their basic information. For more information about default security roles, see Default Security Role Reference. For more information about custom roles, see Managing Roles.

The following screenshot indicates the locations of the editable personal information items in the Profile page.


The following table describes these items in more detail:




The department to which this user belongs. Click to edit.


The name of this user. Click to edit. You can also edit a user's name in the People tab in the Admin Settings.


This user's title. Click to edit. You can also edit a user's title in the People tab in the Admin Settings.


The amount of time this user has been employed in your company, based on an entered start date. You can edit a user's tenure by clicking to open a calendar, from which you can select the user's start date.

Employee Number

This user's employee number. Employee numbers can only be entered/edited in the People tab in the Admin Settings.


This user's location. Click to edit.

Mobile number

This user's mobile number. Click  to display the number then click the number to edit. You can also display the user's landline number by clicking .

To specify or edit an item of personal profile information,

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Open your Profile page by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. (If you have not yet selected a profile picture, a  icon appears instead.)

    • Open another user's Profile page by clicking that user's profile picture anywhere that it appears.

  2. Click in the area for the information you want to add or change.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • If you are specifying tenure, use the left and right arrow buttons at the top of the calendar to locate the desired start date, then click the start date to select it. You can also "zoom out" in the calendar to show a wider range by clicking the month or year in the top center of the calendar. For example, in the following screenshot, the user clicks on the month name, and the calendar zooms out to show all of the months in 2006. Clicking the left and right arrows would then scroll through years, rather than months. Clicking "2006" would zoom out again to show a 10-year range you could select from.

  • Selecting a date updates the number of years in Tenure.

  • If you are not specifying tenure, just enter the appropriate information.

For information about changing your Domo password, see Changing a Forgotten or Expired Password.