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Domo Knowledge Base

Creating Forms And Templates

Version 7



To create forms and form templates:

Create A Template

If you don't want to create a template, see Create A Form below.

Navigate to the Templates view of the form builder and push CREATE NEW TEMPLATE


Continue to Create A Form below.

Create A Form

Step One: Form Details

Each form is associated with basic information, such as: a name, a description, tags, groups, and a response type.


Name/description: The name and description for the form (recommended).

Tags: Terms related to the form which will ensure the form can be found via the search functionality (recommended).

Groups: Any group(s) of users who should be able to view and submit the form. Leave this field empty if the form should be globally available.

Response Type: Restricts the number and type of responses users can submit.

  • One response per user: Each user may only submit one response. Once a user has submitted a response, the form will no longer be listed among the available forms in their forms view (NOTE: if a user has permission to edit the form it will still be listed, but the will no longer be able to submit a response to the form).
  • Multiple responses per user: Each user may submit multiple responses.
  • Crowdsourced (collaborative): Multiple users contribute to a single response.

Step Two: Add A Section

To add a new section to your form, push the AddSection.png Add Section button in the menu to the right of the form.

Section Name

Once the form is complete, each section of the form will be displayed on its own page. Though not required, it's recommended that each section be assigned a name.


Fields And Input


A section of the form may include many field types, or none at all.

Available field and input types are: 

  • Title and Description 
  • Text Question
  • Dropdown Selection 
  • Date Select (single date or date range)
  • Image Upload
Title and Description

To add a title and description field to the section, push QTypeTitle.png Add Title and Description.

Adding a title and description area does not replace the section title; they're informational and have no user interaction.


Text Question

To add a text response question, push QTypeText.png Add Text Question.

Text questions are multi-line or single-line open response questions.


Dropdown Selection

To add a dropdown selection, push QTypeDropdown.png Add Dropdown Options.


Date Selection

To add a date selection, push QTypeDate.png Add Date Select.


Image Upload

To add an image upload input, push QTypeImage.png Add Image.


Step Three: Save and Complete

When you've added all the sections, fields, and inputs you need. Push SAVE and then push BACK.


You should now see the form you just created in the list of available forms.

Step Four: Fill and Submit

Once you've created and saved a form, it should be included in the list of available forms in the form builder app. To fill and submit the form, push anywhere on the form's list entry to the left of the action menu ( Ellipsis.png ).

You should first see title and description of the form with an option to begin.