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Domo Knowledge Base

Creating Time Periods for Goals

Version 3


Before users can begin creating Goals in your Domo instance, at least one time period must first be created. Time periods generally correspond to your company’s fiscal quarters, months, or years (depending on how often you expect users to create new goals). You can create time periods for Goals in Admin Settings > Goals. To do this, you must have a default security role of "Admin" or a custom security role with the "Manage All Goals" grant enabled. For more information, see Managing Custom Roles.

To create time periods for Goals,

  1. Navigate to More > Admin > Goals.

  2. In the Select a period to edit dropdown, select Create a new period.

  3. Enter a name for the time period in the Name field. 
    This is the name users will see for this time period when they go to assign a goal to a time period in the Goals Center. 

  4. In the Time period start and end dates fields, use the date pickers to select the desired start and end dates for the time period. 

  5. Click Save

To edit an existing time period, just pick the desired time period in the Select a period to edit dropdown then make changes to the name/dates as desired.