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Domo Knowledge Base

Deleting a Goal from Domo

Version 4


In  Goals, you can delete a goal as long as one of the following applies:

  • You are the owner of the goal.

  • You have a default security role of "Admin."

  • You have a custom security role with the "Manage All Goals" grant enabled.

For more information about custom roles and grants, see Managing Custom Roles.

To delete a goal from Goals,

  1. Open Goals by selecting Goals in the top navigation. For smaller screen sizes you may need to click the More menu and select Goals.

  2. Locate and click on the goal you want to delete. 

    You can quickly find personal or team goals in the Personal tab and company-wide goals in the Company tab. If your goal isn't in any of these tabs, you can use the Search tab to find it. You can search by keyword in the Objectives subtab, by owner in the People subtab, or by team in the Teams subtab. If you search in the People or Teams subtab, clicking a search result opens the goal details view.

  3. In the goal menu Goal Menu.png, click Delete Objective.

    Delete Goal.png

  4. Click Delete to confirm. 

The goal is now deleted from your Domo instance, along with any metrics that have been attached to it. For more information about metrics, see Attaching metrics to a goal.