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Domo Knowledge Base

Getting Started Using Goals

Version 3



Use Domo's Goals to create metrics-driven Objectives and Key Results, surface them to your organization, and track them to completion. Once Goals has been set up by an Admin, follow the steps below to use Goals. For more information on setting up Goals, see Setting up Goals for your Instance.

Using Goals

  1. To access Goals, select the Goal icon from the top navigation bar.

    Goals Icon.png
  2. Create a new Objective by clicking the New Objective button.

    New Objective.png
  3. The Objective creation wizard will now pop up and walk you through creating your Objective. For more details on creating an Objective, see Creating and Editing Goals.

    Objective Wizard.png
  4. The next step is to add Key Results to your Objective. (This is part of the Objective wizard, but you can add separate Key Results later.) These are the items that need to be completed in order for your Objective to be marked as complete. You are able to attach a Card to the Objective to track progress, or you can manually update the progress. For more details on creating a Key Result, see Creating and Editing Goals.

    Key Result.png
  5. Once the Objective is created, you can link it to a Parent goal which will then show how your goal relates to the Tree hierarchy. For more information, see Opening the Tree or Lineage View for a Goal.
  6. To view your Goals, select the Personal tab. You can also see the Company Goals in the Company tab, or search for your team member's goals in the Search tab.
    Goals Menu.png
  7. As you work on your Objectives and Key Results, make sure to update your progress. You can edit the status of your Objectives by clicking on the appropriate button. For Key Results, navigate to each and either click and drag the slider or edit the current value (depending on whether the Key Result is “percentage” or “number entry” based.) For Card-based Key Results, the progress is updated automatically. For more information, see Marking a Goal as Complete.