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Marking a Goal as Complete

Version 4


In Goals, you can mark a goal as complete as long as one of the following applies:

  • You are the owner of the goal.

  • You have a default security role of "Admin."

  • You are a delegate on behalf of the owner of the goal.

  • You have a custom security role with the "Manage All Goals" grant enabled.

For more information about custom roles and grants, see Managing Custom Roles.

Once you mark a goal as complete, you can no longer edit most aspects of it, such as the status percentage, the owner, the deadline date, the metrics, and any linked goals. However, you can still rate it, engage in Buzz conversations around it, view its report, open the lineage or tree view, share it, or delete it. You can also re-open it to make additional changes.

To mark a goal as complete,

  1. Open Goals by selecting Goals in the top navigation. For smaller screen sizes you may need to click the More menu and select Goals.

  2. Locate and click on the goal you want to mark as complete. 

    You can quickly find personal or team goals in the Personal tab and company-wide goals in the Company tab. If your goal isn't in any of these tabs, you can use the Search tab to find it. You can search by keyword in the Goals subtab, by owner in the People subtab, or by team in the Teams subtab. If you search in the People or Teams subtab, clicking a search result opens the corresponding user or team page.

  3. Click the goal menu Goal Menu.png, then select Mark as Complete.

    Marking Goal Complete 1.png

    Mark as complete dialog appears in which you can enter your final thoughts on the metrics and your overall performance, as well as provide self-assessment notes. 

  4. For any metrics shown, slide the blue circle to the desired final value. 

  5. For the "How would you evaluate your performance?" slider, slide the blue circle to the desired value. 

  6. (Optional) Enter any self-assessment notes in the field at the bottom of the dialog. 
    These notes will appear in the sidebar for the goal for anyone to view. 

  7. Click Done.