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Setting up Goals for your Instance

Version 3



This article covers all of the steps that an Admin needs to follow to set up Goals in their Domo instance so that it can be utilized by end-users. There are three main steps that need to be completed in order to set up Goals:

  1. Set up Time Periods
  2. Structure the Org Chart
  3. Create Company Goals

Set up Time Periods

In order to set up Time Periods, you must have a default security role of "Admin" or a custom security role with the "Manage All Goals" grant enabled. For more information about roles and grants, see Managing Custom Roles. The length of each Time Period is arbitrary, but Goals can span multiple periods. Therefore, if you want some goals to be yearly, and some to be quarterly, it’s best to set up your time periods on the quarter. You also have the ability to change the nomenclature. For detailed steps on setting up Time Periods, see Creating Time Periods for Goals.

Structure the Org Chart

Some options in Goals are more effective if the Org Chart is set up such as the Check-in section (for managers) and the View Org button on profiles. For more information on the Org Chart, see Viewing and Entering Peers in Your Company Org Chart. If you have any questions about filling out your Org Chart, talk with your Customer Success Manager.

Create Company Goals

To create a Company Goal you will first create an Objective. For steps on creating an Objective, see Creating and Editing Goals. Re-assign as appropriate (Admins can always see and edit Objectives—even after they’ve been reassigned.) Make sure the Objective has no Parent specified. From the menu on that Objective, select Make this a Company Objective to make it visible in the Company tab for everyone to see. It is important to create Company Goals as these are seen in the Tree view. The Tree view hierarchy is built by adding Children and Parents to Objectives. These signify how an Objective is contributing to, or otherwise related to another. Parents are higher up the tree (closer to the Company Objective at the top) and Children are lower. For more information on the Tree view, see Opening the Tree or Lineage View for a Goal.