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Domo Knowledge Base

Sharing a Goal with Other Users

Version 3


Goals in Domo provides the ability for any user to generate a URL for any goal, copy it, and send it to any other user. That user can then click on the URL to open the goal in their own Domo instance, saving them the time and hassle of having to search for it themselves. No special permissions are required for sharing a goal; any user with "Participant"-level rights or higher can do this. 

To share a goal with another user,

  1. Open Goals by selecting Goals in the top navigation. For smaller screen sizes you may need to click the More menu and select Goals.

  2. Locate and click on the goal you want to share. 

    You can quickly find personal and team goals in the Personal tab and company-wide goals in the Company tab. If your goal isn't in any of these tabs, you can use the Search tab to find it. You can search by keyword in the Objectives subtab, by owner in the People subtab, or by team in the Teams subtab. If you search in the People or Teams subtab, clicking a search result opens the goal details page.

  3. In the goal menu Goal Menu.png, click Share Objective.

    Delete Goal.png

    A URL for the goal is automatically-generated. 

  4. Click Copy Link.

  5. Send the link via email, text, etc. to the person you want to share the goal with.