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Adding A Unique Key Column Using Magic ETL

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There are times when you want to join DataSets together, however, there is no unique key column to join on. By using the Rank and Window ETL tile, you can add a new column to your data with an incrementing integer value to create a unique key column. This is helpful in simplifying sorting, joins, and other actions later on in the DataFlow logic. For more information about how joins work, see Understanding Joins

To create a unique key column,

  1. Go into the edit view or create a new Magic ETL DataFlow. 
  2. Add the Rank and Window tile to the canvas and connect it to your Input DataSet.

  3. In the configuration pane, click Add Function.

  4. Under step 1, name the new column.

  5. Select Row Number from the Select the function to apply dropdown.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. Under section 2, choose a column to sort your data on to determine how the rows numbers will be applied. 

  8. Next, choose to order your column by either ascending or descending values. 

  9. With the goal of having a unique key value for every row of your data, you will want to leave the What columns make up the partition option blank.

  10. Once your ETL has been completed and ran, the output will have the new column with a unique value for each row.