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Aggregate vs. Non-Aggregate

Version 7



If you try to use a aggregated value with a non-aggregated value using Beast Mode you may not get the expected results. However, you can do this using a DataFlow. 

Solution Details and Steps

To solve this problem,


SELECT *, (SELECT COUNT(`series`) FROM input_dataset) AS ‘Total Count’ FROM input_dataset


SELECT *,(SELECT COUNT(“series”) FROM input_dataset) AS “Total Count” FROM input_dataset

Magic ETL
  1. Create a new Magic ETL.
  2. Use the Select Columns tile to filter down to one column. (Any filtering needed should be done before this step.)

  1. Use Add Constants to create a new column with the value of 1.
    This will be used to group by and join on later.

  1. Use a Group By tile to group by your column 1 and aggregate your column.

  1. From your original input create a new path going to Add Constants.
  2. Create another column with the constant value of 1.
    This will be used to join your data.

  1. Use a Join Data tile to join your two paths.
    You should join on your two constant columns (1).

  1. Use a Select Columns tile to remove your two constant values columns (1 & 1_1).

  1. Create output.

In your card you can now use this new column as a comparison:

CASE WHEN `series` = ‘text’ THEN `value` END / `Total Count`