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Domo Knowledge Base

Scheduling a Magic ETL DataFlow

Version 21


You can turn on automatic update scheduling for an ETL DataFlow. When this is turned on, the DataFlow will update anytime the input DataSets are updated. 

To schedule a Magic ETL DataFlow,

  1. Click Data in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click data_center_dataflows_icon.png in the left-hand navigation pane.

  3. Locate and click the Magic ETL DataFlow you want to schedule.

  4. In the Settings panel, select the trigger frequency.

    Manually - This is the default option. A DataFlow will only update if manually told to run.

    On a schedule - Set a specific runtime with a daily, hourly, or weekly occurrence.

    Only when DataSets are updated - When this is turned on, the DataFlow will update anytime the selected input DataSets are updated.

  5. Click Apply.

Note: You can also access the schedule settings in the edit view of a DataFlow by: 

  • Selecting Settings in a Magic ETL DataFlow.

  • Selecting Additional Options in an SQL DataFlow.



If you have multiple inputs set to trigger a DataFlow, does it run when any of the input DataSets are updated or when all of them are updated?

Currently, if you have multiple DataSets set to trigger a DataFlow, it will run when any of those input DataSets update. If all of the inputs need to be updated before the DataFlow runs, we recommend staggering the input DataSet update times. Then, only set the input with the latest update time to trigger the DataFlow. This will ensure all the inputs have updated before the DataFlow runs.