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Integration Studio

Version 4



Integration Studio allows you to build your data pipeline from start to finish, all in Magic ETL. With Integration Studio you can configure a Connector, build your pipeline, and then configure your Writeback Connector all from the Magic ETL canvas.

Note: Integration Studio is enabled after you purchase a Writeback Connector. For a list of available Writeback Connectors, see Writeback Connectors.

Using Integration Studio

1. Drag the Input DataSet tile onto the Magic ETL Canvas.


2. Choose Select DataSet and then either choose a pre-existing DataSet or Create New to configure a new Connector.


3. Search for the Connector you want in the Search Connectors Box.


4. Configure each step of the Connector Wizard and select Save to finish. Your DataSet will build and the columns will appear in the Configuration section.


5. Add more tiles to cleanse and manipulate your data if desired.

6. Drag the Writeback tile onto the Canvas found in the DataSets section of Magic ETL. 

7. Name the output DataSet and add an optional description. Then, select Configure Writeback.


8. Select the Writeback Connector you would like to use.


9. Set up the Connector configuration (you will need a Client ID and Secret from


10. Choose, On dataset update to update the Writeback DataSet whenever the DataFlow runs, or set a schedule to run at specified times.


11. Choose Save and Run to run your DataFlow and the Writeback Connector.


Your Writeback Connector is now properly configured and you can continue to build your Magic ETL DataFlow.