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Domo Knowledge Base

September 2017 Release 1

Version 48


New features and enhancements

Features and enhancements in this release include the following:

Alert Enhancements

New Alerting Options

Domo now includes a number of new alert configuration options that give you the ability to provide more actionable context around alerts. These new options bring a whole new experience to Alerts and help you to trust your alerts more than ever before. These new options include the following:

  • You can schedule when you want an alert to evaluate so nothing is missed. If you don't want your alert evaluating over the weekends, or after business hours, you can adjust it.

  • You can choose whether to continue to receive notifications for triggered alerts based on the alert evaluation schedule you have set. For example, if you selected Hourly for your evaluation schedule, once the alert triggered a notification would be sent once every hour until the triggered state ended or you deactivated the alert.

  • New time-based ("current value") alerts help you to set measurable goals and then be alerted when the progress you expect is not taking place.

For more information, see Creating a Custom Alert for a KPI Card.

Alert Sharing

Get the right alerts into the hands of the right people using the new Alert Sharing feature. You can now share alerts with other users in your Domo so they receive notifications every time that alert triggers. You can also share alerts in Buzz conversations, in which case all users following the conversation receive notifications. Alert sharing allows you to create business alignment by providing shared understanding on critical data conditions.

By popular demand, we also support the ability to share an alert with a group. It is now even easier to align your team on the most critical business conditions. No longer do you need to add each of your team members individually.


For more information, see Sharing Alerts.

Mobile Alerts

We now provide native alert support for the iOS and Android applications. Alerts enable you to set custom thresholds to be notified when your business KPIs hit a defined limit. This enables you to run your business even more seamlessly. In addition to the power of alerts, Domo users can now receive push notifications for any subscribed triggered alert and be taken right to the card within their native apps. In the card, you can find detailed information about the alert so you can dig in to fully understand the reason for the alert. Available in the iOS and Android app updates.

Chart Updates

The following additions and updates have been made to the visualization experience in Domo:

  • A new chart type, 100% Stacked Bar with Line, is now available.

    For more information, see 100% Stacked Bar with Line Graph.

  • Two new country maps have been added:

    • The Philippines. For more information, see Country Map.

    • Post-2015 France. This map includes updated regional divisions as per the changes that went into effect on January 1, 2016. The legacy version of the map will continue to be available. For more information, see Country Map.

  • Another new map, U.S. State, lets you show county-level data for specific states. All you need to power a U.S. State chart is a column with FIPS (county) data and your value column.

    For more information, see U.S. County Map.
  • You now have the ability to set line or range scale markers dynamically based on a percentile, percentage, or standard deviation. You can also include scale markers based on quantiles (shown in the following example).

    For more information about these properties, see Adding Scale Markers to Your Chart.

  • Various new properties have been implemented for customizing legends, hover legends, and data labels in pie-type graphs. For more information, see Properties for Pie-Type Charts.

  • You can now set custom sizing on table cards in the card view when the "Full Size" option is selected—anywhere from 1 to 6 card sizes in both width and height.


    For more information, see Changing the Size of Cards in a Page.

  • You can access table formatting and total/subtotal options from the column dropdowns above your table preview, allowing you to make quick customizations to specific columns in your table.


    For more information, see Table.

Duplicate Page

Domo now provides a Save As option for pages, which allows you to copy all content, collections, layouts, card sizes, and filters. This results in a new page with all content and settings duplicated. 

Using this option, you can duplicate a page with all of the following elements copied:

  • Cards

  • Card sizes

  • Filters built into cards using Analyzer

  • Collections

  • Page-level filters

This option does not copy the following elements from pages:

  • Sub-pages

  • Temporary filters created at the card Details level

  • Alerts on cards

  • Scheduled reports

  • Users the original page was being shared with

You can access this option by selecting Save As in the wrench menu for the page. You then enter the desired name for the new page, indicate whether you want to open the new page after you save, then save the changes.


For more information, see Duplicating Pages.

Bulk Add Users

You can now easily add teams, departments, and organizations to your Domo instance in a single action. The new "Bulk Add" feature enables you to provide a list of people you want to add to your Domo instance. The file just needs to be in CSV format and include, at a minimum, a list of email addresses and display names. 

All you need to do to import your list of users is go into Admin > People > Bulk Add and follow the instructions. You can even download a sample CSV file that shows you how your list should be formatted. The days of adding users to Domo one by one are over!

For more information, see Adding Users to Domo.

New Self-Service Connectors 

This month we have polished and released another 49 connectors that are now available to all customers in their Domo account. These connectors are self-service, so you no longer need to contact support to get help powering them up. Here are the new connectors. Note that documentation is still in progress for many of these connectors, so please bear with us!


Link to Knowledge Base article


AD EBiS Connector


AdGear Connector

AppNexus Log-Level

AppNexus Log-Level Connector


ArcSight Connector

Amazon Web Services Billing

Amazon Web Services Billing Connector


BlueHornet Connector


Brightcove Connector


Cake Connector

Channel Advisor

ChannelAdvisor Connector


CheetahMail Connector

Christopherson Business Travel

Third-party connector--no documentation available from Domo


Clarizen Connector


ClickPoint Connector

CJ Affiliate (formerly called Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliate Connector


Coupa Connector


Dial800 Connector


Third-party connector--no documentation available from Domo

Dropbox for Business Advanced

Dropbox For Business Advanced Connector

Engine Ready

Engine Ready Connector


eQuest Connector


ForeSee Connector


GinzaMetrics Connector

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Connector

Google+ Advanced

Google+ Advanced Connector


HappyOrNot Connector

Informatica Cloud Plugin

Connecting to Informatica Cloud in Domo


InMoment Connector


Ivinex Connector

Custom JSON



Kapost Connector




Kounta Connector
Neurio Neurio Connector



Olo Connector

Oracle Bronto

Bronto Connector


PlayVox Connector


ProBusinessTools Connector


Qubole Connector


RemedyForce Connector


Sizmek Connector


SpringServe Connector


Synthesio Connector

Sysomos Expion

Sysomos Expion Connector


Totango Connector

Weather Underground

Weather Underground Connector


WhatCounts Connector


Wrike Connector


Third-party connector--no documentation available from Domo

Share and Invite

You can now invite new users to Domo more easily while sharing content with them. The Details and Analyzer views for a card now include buttons that allow you to share the card with your colleagues and invite them to join Domo, all in a single dialog. The button in Analyzer reads Invite, while the Details button looks like this:  

For more information about inviting, see Inviting Others to Join Domo.

Getting Help

You can view the latest release notes information in the Help Center, which you can access from Domo by clicking  > Help Center.

If you have questions about Domo,

  • search for a topic in the Help Center

  • train in Domo University at

  • get answers in the Domo Community at

  • contact Technical Support by entering a help ticket in the Domo Support Portal, by sending a Buzz message to \support, or by emailing

  • reach out to your Domo Customer Success Manager or Technical Consultant

If you have feedback, please send it from within Domo ( > Feedback). Or send an email to

For more information about getting help, see Getting Help.