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Analyzer FAQ

Version 3


This topic provides answers to a number of frequently asked questions we receive about Analyzer. For more information about Analyzer and its features, visit KPI Card Building Part 2: The Analyzer.

What is the security around the new Analyzer?

It is nearly the same as it was in the old Card Builder. Users with "Editor" permissions and above can edit cards using the new Analyzer. However, the following exceptions do apply:

  • To set color rules on a DataSet, you must either have "Admin" rights or be the owner of the DataSet.

  • To set color rules on a card, you must have access to edit the card. 

  • Only card creators and editors can set up Quick Filters on the card. However, all users that can view a card can use the Quick Filters that are on the card.

Do all the new chart types work on mobile?

Yes (including the newly enhanced tables).

Can all the new chart types be exported to PowerPoint or a Domo publication (slideshow)?


Is there documentation for all the new charts and options?

Yes. Beginning Friday, August 11, you will be able to access all of the documentation by navigating to either of the following URLs: