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August 2016 Connector Release Notes

Version 4


Adobe Analytics

Improved retry logic to account for when a report is not ready for import to Domo. Added a new Queue report that allows you to import a list of reports that are currently queued for processing by Adobe.


Enhanced the connector to include the Product Category Name and Product Category ID in the Review report.  Also improved error handling when unexpected data is returned from BazaarVoice.

Bing Ads              

Added CampaignID to Ad Performance Report.  Improved authentication process to prevent unnecessary prompts to re-authenticate.


Fixed an issue preventing drop down menus from displaying properly.  Fixed an issue that was causing XML files to be parsed incorrectly.

CSV SFTP             

Added retry logic to prevent unncessary import failures.


Fixed an IE11 compatibility issue that was causing issues on the Advanced Scheduling page


Improved error messaging.


Improved Campaign Report, when it contains custom fields in the fieldValues column they will be parsed into columns during import to Domo.  Also added standard data pickers for the Campaign Report.


Added ability to filter by created date for List Subscriber Report. Improved error handling and messaging


Started limited beta testing of new Upsert functionality.  Fixed an issue where data was not imported in the Page Posts Report if two pages had the same name. Updated to use the new Facebook 2.5 API

Google Analytics              

Improved error handling and messaging.

Google Cloud Storage    

Improved error handling and messaging.


Improved retry logic to prevent unnecessary failures.


Fixed an issue that was limiting the number of users imported by the Followed By report. Improved error handling and messaging in cases where the import exceeds the Instagram API rate limit.


Improved error handling and messaging with LinkedIn API returns 404 and 500 errors.


Updated Category Metrics, Community Metrics, and Board Metrics Reports so they import individual days of historical data instead of aggregated data. Added new Custom Report that allows customers to enter an endpoint to retrieve custom reports they have created in Lithium.


Fixed an issue that was causing a "page not found" issue when trying to import data.


Improved error handling.

New Relic           

Improvements to how relative dates are interpreted to make records returned more consistent.  Improved error handling.


Improved error handling.


Enhanced the connector to allow customers to exclude fields from import.


Added abiilty to specify start and end dates for the Get Deals Conversion Rates in Pipeline Report. Improved error handling.


Improvements to more consistently handle currency formatted fields.


Improved error handling and messaging.


Fixed an issue that was causing an error during the discovery process.


Fixed an issue that was causing discovery fields to be displayed that are not available from the Salesforce API.


Enhanced connector to allow user to specify a data range for Usage Record, SMS, Call, and Notifications.


Improvements to the XML parsing to ensure expected rows are parsed correctly.  Simplified the configuration options.


Enhanced connector so that accounts will now show up with name plus account number to help users distinguish between account names with multiple account numbers.