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Domo Knowledge Base

June 2016 Release 1

Version 18


Note: Depending on the product version you are using, the documentation may include information about features that may not be available or may have changed.

New features and enhancements

Features and enhancements in this release include the following:

Clean Column Names in DataFusions

In previous versions of DataFusions, all column names were prepended with the name of the DataSet. These names were often very long, so users often had a difficult time attempting to apply these columns in Card Builder and filters. Now, column names are prepended with the DataSet name only when required because the names are duplicated. Otherwise, the column names are left as is. 

For more information, see Combining DataSets Using DataFusion.   

Heat Map Improvements

You can now specify colors for ranges in Heat Maps. By default, colors are based on the theme you select in Chart Properties > Theme, so until now you could only choose a single color with different hues. Now you can choose different colors for each individual range. 

You can also filter on individual items in the Details view for a Heat Map by clicking the scale labels. For example, clicking "Human Resources" in the card in the previous screenshot would show the data filtered for Human Resources. 

For more information about Heat Maps, see Heat Map

End of Support for Workbench 2

Beginning in September, Domo will be ending support for Workbench 2. For information about migrating from Workbench 2 to a later version, see Migrating to Workbench 3 or Migrating to Workbench 4.

End of Support for IE9

Beginning with our July release, Domo will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 9. 

Getting Help

You can view the latest release notes information in the Help Center, which you can access from Domo by clicking  > Help Center.

If you have questions about Domo,

  • search for a topic in the Help Center

  • train in Domo University at

  • get answers in the Domo Community at

  • contact Technical Support by using @DomoSupport in Buzz, by email at or by phone at 801-805-9505 (Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6 pm MST)

  • reach out to your Domo Customer Success Manager or Technical Consultant

If you have feedback, please send it from within Domo ( > Feedback). Or send an email to

For more information about getting help, see Getting Help