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Location Readiness

Version 3



Use the Location Readiness App to view COVID-19 related data for a County or State. By default, the application shows data related to the United States. By searching for a County or State, all of the sections (Summary, Testing, Social Distancing, and Projections) will return data for the specific County or State you’ve selected.

Note: When data is not available for a County, the Location Readiness App will return data for the County’s State.
  • Get a precise view of how COVID-19 is impacting the Counties where your offices are located.
  • Make decisions about locations to open up based on new cases, testing, and social distancing metrics.
  • Stay informed on any changes with daily email updates on stats for up to three Counties.

Note: This app is part of the Get Back to Work Solution and is available on-demand and paid.


To request this feature be enabled,

  • Reach out to your Domo Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.

  • If you do not have contact information for your CSM or AE, contact Domo Support. For information on how to contact Support, please see: Getting Help


The Summary section shows how your specific location ranks within the State, Country, or World. It also shows the trends of new cases and new deaths.




The Testing section shows State and National testing data and trends.


Testing 2.png

Social distancing

The Social Distancing section shows County and State level social distancing data and trends.

Social Distancing.png


Social Distancing 2.png



The Projections section shows State level projections data and trends for Beds, PPE's, and Deaths.



Projections 2.png


Daily brief

To sign up for a Daily Brief, use the Subscribe button on any of the Location Readiness sections. Enter email addresses and select up to three Counties. Once subscribed, the email addresses that you entered will receive a daily report with data related to COVID-19 in the Counties selected.

Daily Brief.png