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Filtering Apps and Connectors in the Appstore

Version 12


You can apply filters to Apps and Connectors in the Appstore to quickly find what you're looking for. Four types of filters are available:

  • You can quickly filter to show all Apps and Connectors for a specific category by clicking any of the items in the carousel at the top of the Featured app. For example, if you clicked Apps for IT, Apps and Connectors related to IT would appear.  

  • You can perform a keyword search. You do this by entering the desired keyword(s) in the Search Appstore box at the top of the Appstore. This search may apply to Apps, Connectors, or both, depending on the selected tab view. Keywords are matched to both App/connector names and descriptions. So if you typed "mail" as a keyword while in the Featured tab, the MailChimp QuickStart App would appear, as well as any Apps with the word "mail" in their descriptions.

  • You can select one or more tag filters. You do this by clicking the arrow on the right side of the Search Appstore box. This search may apply to Apps, Connectors, or both, depending on the selected tab view. Dozens of tag filters are available in four categories—IndustryRoleDepartment, and Activity. For example, if you selected Financial Planning and Customer Service, only those Apps and Connectors with the "Financial Planning" and "Customer Service" tags would appear.

  • You can filter by star rating. This filter applies only to Apps, not Connectors. All rating filters filter to show Apps of the selected rating and higher. For example, selecting a two-star rating as your filter would show all Apps with a two-star rating and above. For information about rating Apps, see Rating an Appstore App.


In addition to applying filters, you can also sort Apps and Connectors in ascending or descending order, by relevance, or by average star rating (with the highest average ratings appearing at the top and the lowest at the bottom).

You can combine keyword, tag, and rating filters in the Appstore. For example, you could do a keyword search for "Adobe," select the "Marketing" tag, and filter to show only Apps with three or more stars. Your results would then filter to show only Apps meeting the specified criteria. You could then apply your desired sort.