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Domo Knowledge Base

Rating an Appstore App

Version 11


In the Appstore you can rate any App you have deployed to your Domo. You do this in the Details view for the deployed App. If you have not deployed an App, you cannot rate it. For more information about deploying Apps, see Deploying Apps from the Appstore.

To rate an App,

  1. Click More > Appstore.

  2. Identify the App you want to rate.
    You can use the various filter and sorting options to locate the desired App. Because you can rate only your deployed Apps, you may be able to find the App quickly by going to the Installed tab. For more information, see Appstore Layout.

  3. Click the App to open its Details view.

  4. Click Ratings at the bottom of the Details view.

  5. Click Rate This App.

  6. Select a star rating for the App (with 1 star being extremely dissatisfied and 5 being extremely satisfied). 

  7. Click Rate.