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Power Up Productivity: Driving Bottom-Line Strategy Through Better Front-Line Execution

Version 6



  • Jeff Robertson, Asset Manager, Federal Capital Partners

  • Jon Coldicott, Analyst - Asset Management, Federal Capital Partners

  • Sarah Chalupa, Enterprise Business Consultant, Domo


Many operations teams struggle to translate strategic goals into executable actions. Join Jeff Robertson and Jon Coldicott of Federal Capital Partners, and Sarah Chalupa of Domo for insights around:

  • How to design effective operational dashboards to align people and processes

  • Tactical tips on how to use PDP, alerting, and scheduled reports to maximize operational efficiency

  • How FCP standardized operations across its different businesses and systems while maintaining customized views for its users

Video & Presentation DeckEdit section

DomoPalooza 2017 attendees get exclusive access to conference recordings and presentations by visiting and using the password emailed to them by Stuart Gold on April 7th, 2017. If you did not attend Domopalooza 2017, please reach out to your account executive to discuss viewing options.