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Tips and Tricks: Quick Lessons from Power Users

Version 6



  • Cam Barnes, Sr. Manager, Domo Innovation, Domo

  • Cameron Williams, Sr. Technical Consultant - Innovation, Domo

  • Joel Tobey, Manager, Operations, Domo

  • Gary Gibb, Director, Product Management, Domo

  • Jason Randall, Senior Software Engineer, Domo

  • Stu Barnes, Business Consultant, Domo

  • Jeri Larsen, Senior Curriculum Manager, Domo

  • Dani Weinstein, Sr. Manager, Community, Domo


Join Domo's Sr. Manager of Innovation, Cam Barnes as he invites a panel of power users to demonstrate a series of rapid fire lessons you can take home and apply to your Domo Instance. Panel guests will include:

  • Domo Product Managers

  • Domo Consultants

  • Domo University staff members

Video & Presentation DeckEdit section

DomoPalooza 2017 attendees get exclusive access to conference recordings and presentations by visiting and using the password emailed to them by Stuart Gold on April 7th, 2017. If you did not attend Domopalooza 2017, please reach out to your account executive to discuss viewing options.