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Click on any of the below links to view PDFs for Domo University's available courses:



Advanced Data Connection and Transformation

In this Instructor-led Training course, users will build on their knowledge of workbench, recursive data flows, period-over-period using Beast Modes, and advanced data connections.

Basic Card Building and Card Governance

Domo Basic Card Building and Card Governance is designed to introduce new users to the interface, the basics of card building, and some of the key feature sets within the tool, like presentation features and Buzz communication. While developing card building skills, users will gain an understanding of summary numbers, drill paths, alerts, Analyzer, and filters that can be applied to cards they frequently use.

Basic Data Connection and Transformation

In this course, users begin to connect and prepare their data with various tools in Domo. They perform hands-on activities to learn the basics of Workbench, Fusion, Magic, and Beast Mode. They will learn the foundations of what tool to choose when. Then, after creating their first Data Flows, they will build out cards to answer their specific business questions.

Domo Immersion

The Domo Immersion Experience will propel NEW and INTERMEDIATE users down the path to becoming a Domo Master. Through a combination of lecture and practice, we will provide you with the experience you need to feel confident in your dashboard production process from design, to basic data preparation, to finished product.

We will start by exploring the platform at a high level, briefly visiting the key features you will leverage as you build your dashboards. We will then explore each of these features in detail as you build your skill level to tackle the final capstone exercise.

Governance and Administration

In this Instructor-led Training course, users will learn how to administrate your Domo instance using Bulk-Admin features, custom roles, publication groups, and single sign-on. Users will also gain insights on Domo usage through DomoStats and learn some of our best practices to be highly successful.

Intermediate Card Building and Data Visualization

In this Instructor-led Training course, you’ll learn about the best data visualization strategy for your business questions, explore how to employ chart properties to maximize the capabilities of your cards, and practice creating dashboard wireframes and cards based on authentic scenarios. We’ll introduce you to several different types of commonly used cards, build cards as well as a keener sense of how to manage and display your data in Domo.