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Customer Success Toolkit: Automate Data

Version 13



Connecting and managing your data is a critical foundation to the team’s success. Domo is the perfect tool to save you time through automation. Learn more below.

Automate Data Gathering

Increase your skill at getting business-critical data into Domo by using Domo data connectors. Follow this link to access all the basics to guide you to pull data from your different systems and schedule when a pull should be happening: Adding a DataSet Using a Data Connector.


Automate Data Manipulation

Manipulating data in Domo is easy using our data tools! All of these tools can be set to run with triggers to help you save even more time with Domo. Check out what these tools can do:

Magic ETL DataFlows

Magic ETL is great for a business or technical user to perform analysis. Use the drag-and-drop canvas in Magic ETL to build queries, edit columns and data, do joins and appends, and use advanced functions such as Rank and Window functions. There are even Data Science actions such as classification, clustering, forecasting, outliers, and regression.


MySQL DataFlows

MySQL Dataflows allow for the use of common SQL commands so that data can be accessed, joined, cleansed, and transformed within Domo. They are great for the more technical user of Domo who is already familiar with data manipulation with SQL. Learn more here:

Automate Complex Calculations

Do you have complex calculations you constantly have to apply to your data?  Beast Mode can help you automate this process by creating custom calculations displayed in your visualizations.

Learn how to use Beast Mode in the video below:



  • The product training videos are for Domo customers and clients only.
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As just one example, you can use Beast Mode to force a desired sort order in a chart. The following screenshot shows how a certain user accomplished this: