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Customer Success Toolkit: Create Cards

Version 3



Visualizing your data with easy-to-understand cards and storytelling dashboards is a great way to answer business questions. Learn more below.

Build New Cards

Use Analyzer to create and customize the appearance of charts to make your data most clear. These skills will help you answer key business questions:

  • Apply DataSet columns, and edit filters

  • Manage chart properties, sorts, chart names, and descriptions

  • View and manipulate data tables

Go here to learn more about Analyzer in the Domo Knowledge Base: Analyzer Layout


Build New Pages and Dashboards

Pages are screens where you can view cards. A well-built page allows users to tell the perfect data story and share it with others in their organization. Decide what option is best for you:

Download an App

Domo Appstore is the premier destination to find pre-built solutions to answer your business questions. Install an app that caters to one or more of your business questions and it will put you on the fast track. The Appstore has over 1,000 Apps across dozens of industries, departments, roles, and business activities. Check out what apps are available by going into Domo and selecting new_app_icon.png > Appstore.