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Customer Success Toolkit: Share Domo Content

Version 5



Becoming a data driven organization can help change your business for the better. We’ve compiled some resources below to help you along on your data journey.

Four Dimensions Framework

Power your Domo Solution Planning with “4D,” the self-paced app that guides you and your team in planning how Domo will change your business. To use the 4D app, go into Domo, select new_app_icon.png > Appstore, and search for "4D" to locate and install the app. 


Share Cards Outside Your Instance

Domo is great for sharing information with anyone and everyone. Check out our latest method of sharing visualizations to the masses—Domo Everywhere: Domo Embed. To learn about this feature, visit Sharing Cards Outside of Domo.



Manage by exception! Domo can tell you when to engage through the use of alerts. Learn more about alerts from the options below: