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Top 10 Dashboard Design Best Practices

Version 9



  1. Create with your audiences’ needs in mind.

  2. Simplify user navigation by using page and sub-page names that help users know what to expect.

  3. Name collection titles on pages according to the business question answered by that collection.

  4. Include descriptions below the collection title to clarify what business questions are answered and how users can act on the data.

  5. Organize cards by priority from top-left to bottom-right.

  6. Enlarge the size of the most important card(s) in the collection and keep less critical cards sized smaller.

  7. Use summary numbers in cards to give the user the primary take-away message.

  8. Name cards to make it clear what business question is being answered.

  9. Choose a chart type for each card that matches the data story you’re trying to tell.

  10. Try to limit the number of collections to 5 per page and the number of cards to 4-6 per collection.

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