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Why Use CourseBuilder?

Version 13



CourseBuilder is a proprietary eLearning authoring tool that publishes a training module as an app within Domo. It is available as a desktop application within the Appstore.

Use CourseBuilder to...

  • Customize Domo training content for your own teams.

  • Create ANY training and publish it into Domo.

  • Present scalable content to anyone, anytime, anywhere via Domo.

  • Track your training app users' behavior in Domo via Google Analytics.

  • Allow ANY user to create, share, and present content in a scalable way.

CourseBuilder is especially useful if you’re on an HR team, an opps team, or an L&D team, or if you're a MajorDomo.

Training Video - Introducing CourseBuilder


Training Video - CourseBuilder Overview



Why You Need CourseBuilder

While there are a wide array of reasons you might find CourseBuilder useful, here is a PDF summarizing possible pain points you might be experiencing and how CourseBuilder can help offer solutions for those pain points:

Key Features

CourseBuilder provides the following key features:
  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Instructionally sound templates

  • Auto-publishing to your instance Asset Library


  • Anyone can use CourseBuilder. However, if you intend to publish a CourseBuilder app to Domo, you must have Editor-, Privileged-, or Admin-level rights.
  • Apps produced by CourseBuilder are not fully optimized for the mobile experience. We recommend that you inform all users of your apps to try to access these from a desktop/laptop device if possible. 
  • The apps produced by CourseBuilder are optimized for the Google Chrome browser. We recommend avoiding the use of Internet Explorer when viewing CourseBuilder apps. 

  • Apps uploaded to Domo should not exceed 100 MB in size, as this will diminish the ability of the browser to render the app in a timely manner.

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