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Creating and Importing CourseBuilder Apps

Version 6



This topic discusses creating and importing CourseBuilder apps.

Creating an App Project

  1. Select Create New App on the CourseBuilder home screen.

  2. Enter the name you want to give the app.

    Note: Avoid adding symbols or special characters to the name. This can create errors later on when you upload it to a Domo instance.  
  3. Select Save
    This takes you into the page design view.

  4. Add the first page of your app by naming the page (e.g. "Introduction") and then selecting a template type for that page.

  5. Select Save.

At this point, if you select the App Selection option in the left of your screen, it takes you back to the CourseBuilder home screen. There you’ll be able to see your new app project included in the available list of projects.

Importing an App Project

  1. Select Import App. This opens a file search window.

  2. Locate and select the editable app project folder you want to import. (Do not double-click the folder. See Note below.)

  3. Select Import in the bottom right corner of the window. 
    At this point, you should be able to see the imported app project in your list of available app projects on your CourseBuilder home screen.

Note: Be sure to select the app project folder itself, rather than double-clicking into the project folder and selecting folders or individual files within the app project folder to import. If you don’t select the app parent folder to import, the app will not function within CourseBuilder.

Important: If you change the name of the exported app project folder after it has been exported and before it has been imported into a CourseBuilder program on a different computer, when it appears in the Apps list, it will show the name of the app as it was when it was originally exported.